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Easily Place Ads Online And Earn Commissions! How? With FREE Classified Advertising! Tired Of Paying For Ads And Getting "Slapped"? Sick Of Craigslist Deleting Your Ads? If So Slap Craigslist And PPC Advertising!! Get This EBook, Learn The Secret To Free Advertising For Massive Traffic!


Dear Entrepeneur,

In the quest for affiliate income and financial success online, have you been looking for a way to earn money that isn't full of empty promises and hyperbole? Sick of the scammy methods and dubious 'techniques' sold to you by equally scammy "gurus"? Fear no more. This is a method that will guide you to getting the most bang for your buck in online advertising. And by “bang for your buck”, I mean for FREE! Yes, the elusive, magical word of advertising.

Why is free advertising a big deal? Well, simply put, it is the holy grail of marketing. Whether it’s word of mouth or viral advertising, we all wish we could get effective advertising at the lowest cost possible. As it is, we are stuck with other expensive methods of advertising; Pay Per Click (PPC), banner advertising, media buys, etc. Well, the advent of free advertising is never more attractive as it is in this day and age. Why? Because of the high costs of PPC ads.

We know that advertising is needed. Paid advertising (especially PPC advertising), is often the largest reaching form of advertising. But we also know that the more you advertise, the more of a risk you take and the higher your costs rise.

If your profits do not rise in proportion to your advertising costs, you lose money!

Why is an alternative to PPC advertising needed? Simple. It costs too much. Who wants to have to spend $500 dollars to test out a campaign's profitability? To place ads and see if you can break even? See if you don’t lose your shirt? And if that doesn’t work, try out 19 other campaigns before you “come up with a winner and drop the losers”? That ain't exactly fun, and it's kind of expensive.

Now this isn’t to say PPC advertising doesn’t work. It works and it works well, but it takes careful testing and tracking (and losing money at first) to become profitable. Not to mention having to deal with the dreaded “Google Slap” – whereby if your ads and pages don’t meet google’s stringent guidelines, your (paid) ads aren’t allowed to run!

Enter C.L.A.S.S: Classified Listings Advertising Secret Sources. Free advertising. By slapping google back and going to the great free site, craigslist, it was a marketer's dream come true. We could advertise almost anything based on location, and with some creativity, drive targeted traffic to products or affilliate links for free. How? By advertising in many cities at once. Getting a flood of traffic was easy, until… the dreaded Craigslist “SLAP”. Too many marketers, too many ads, too many affiliate links. So they clamped down. Multiple ads; deleted. Accounts; banned. The craigslist gold rush is down to a trickle.

B!tch Slap Craigslist (and Google) Right Back With C.L.A.S.S.!

So what is the solution? I’ll tell you: Repeat the craigslist formula. How? You may ask? By simply advertising on OTHER free classified sites that allow you to advertise MASSIVELY without the same kind of stringent rules that Craigslist and Backpage have. The goal is to get as much of the same kind of advertising as you'd get on craigslist, but for free, and as easily!

This Has Nothing To Do With:

  • Banner Exchanges
  • PPC Advertising
  • Craigsllist Ads
  • Link Building
  • Hub Pages
  • Squidoo
  • SEO

The Secret Source:

But hold on... I hear the question in your mind; what is the "secret" you ask?

Well, simply put, it is using the power of submission. Yep, submission, but with a “twist”. This submission twist allows you to place ads on a specified number of sites and allows you to do so simply and easily. Once you set it up, you can re-submit your free ads over and over again without having to do much work to maintain it! I am willing to bet that you do NOT have a list of the sites I am referring to here, even though you may have heard of one or two of them. Let’s put it this way: The amount of traffic you could get from combining these “secret sources”, matches the amount of traffic you would get from placing multiple ads on craigslist!

By advertising with "C.L.A.S.S.", you simply turn your computer into an online money making machine. One that lets you advertise for FREE! Get This EBook, Learn The Secret To Free Advertising For Massive Traffic!

The Twist:

The twist is… there is something on your computer that helps you with the “submission” I talked about. It is so simple to use. I show you how to prepare to place online ads simply and easily, and I show you the “magic list” of WHERE to place them. Once you do, I assure you; You will NEVER look at online advertising the same way again. Technology has caught up to the need for simple free, and MASSIVE advertising. It is within your grasp.

How About Free Income Like This?:

Would you like to make income like this on a regular basis? Of course you would! Note: usually when you see clickbank affiliate commissions like this, it is usually after paid advertising!

With the C.L.A.S.S. method, all your advertising is FREE, meaning all the profit is yours! If this were PPC, half of your profit goes to paying for ads!

Am I saying you should promote clickback products on these "secret sites"? Perhaps I am ;) The answer is in the eBook. Get it now, and see how to make cash, risk free. Slap Google Adwords AND Crasigslist.


So To Summarize, What Exactly Is This?

It is about posting ads to "craigslist alternatives", BUT... the risks are NOT the same, because the posting of the ads is completely different. Completely.

These alternatives WANT you to reach as many people as possible so they have a certain "secret format" that allows you to do just that - without having to post multiple ads like you do with craigslist.

This format is different than a regular classified ad. Totally different.
And yet, it allows you to reach as many, if not more people, as you would if you posted on craigslist.

There is no removal of ads. If you want your ads back at the top you simply change some of the text in the format you've submitted, and your ads are back on top. Put it this way:

    • There are 5 classified sites, that combined, get more traffic than craigslist.
    • You can create one ad file in the "special" format and choose how many locations you wish for it to show up on, by copying a new line for every city you want it to show - (ex: as many cities in the US as you want to advertise in).
    • You then submit this ad format.
    • Once the ad is posted, you are reaching millions of people on these classified sites - for free. More than you would on Craigslist.
    • These 5 sites actually PREFER people to use this format, and very few are.


Do I need to purchase anything else to advertise?
No!!! You do not. EVERYTHING you need is contained in this eBook. However, it is best if you get or have a web host and a website, as some places require your own url. With a site of your own, you can advertise more!

Is this comlicated to set up?
Nope, everything you need to set this up is already on your computer. All you need is to know the 'technique' involved and follow it. The steps and instructions are provided to you within the eBook itself, and with links to sites (sources) that tell you exactly what you need.

How Long Does It Take?
That depends on you. If you wish to advertise on every available site, in every available city, then it is possible that it may take you a day or two to organize your ads for easy placement. Otherwise, you can simply place a few ads for a few products in a few cities, and see how well they do before deciding to place ads in all the possible cites for all possible products.

What If I Don't Know What To Promote?
There is always something to promote. From affiliate links to contextual advertising ;). From your own products to your opt-in page. You can get targetted traffic to all of them for free.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Yes - as long as you place your ads as mentioned. If you do, and you find that your ads are not accepted or that you do not get exposure on the sites listed, you get your money back.

The Engine:

The engine behind this method is knowing "WHERE" your ads should be, and HOW to create them for those places. This alone is worth the price of this ebook. I am sure you have never heard of all these places and even if you have, you have no idea of the "mechanism" that allows YOU to advertise massively. How about a hint: One source uses google .... to slap google :)

This is an ebook jam packed with 18 pages of info. No empty spacing. No fluff. Just the "meat" of this technique. You will understand it once you read it.

Payment is delivered immediately via direct download. Not $67.00

Only $47.00!! (Price will go up soon)

Get It Now With The Following Bonuses:

  • An excel spreadsheet full of notes and information about the secret sources. You can read it with or google docs if you don't have excel.
  • An actual example file of one of the source "ads" ready for you to copy and edit for your own use. This alone tells shows you HOW to duplicate the process.
  • A video overview/summary of the method and tools to speed up the steps.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try it risk free today! If you purchase today, your purchase is 100% guaranteed.

If after trying the techniques in the eBook for 60 days you have not been able to generate massive free traffic, just ask and I’ll be glad to give you a full refund.

All purchases may be refunded within 60 days of purchase, if you do not easily place classified ads that drive targetted visitors to your site or link with the techniques used in this book, you’ll get every cent you paid back.

Payment is through paypal. Not $67.00

Only $47.00!! (Price will go up soon)

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